LINGUA THINK TANK - Ihr Redaktions- und Übersetzungsbüro



Your Editorial and Translation Agency


 Owner Christian Dick



 State-Approved Translator for English, authorised by the President of the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf


Master of European Adminstrative Management

Bachelor of Arts in European Business Administration (Degree with Honours) 

Foreign Language Correspondent for English and French




Phone: 0049-2131-980365                   Mobile: 0049-176-55576744


e-mail: info (at)

Glehner Weg 41 a, D-41464 Neuss


► Translations




  - English >> German, German >> English

    In the above mentioned language pairs translations of any kind of legal documents, especially in the following fields:

     Civil Law, Investment Fraud, Economics, Business Adminstration, Technology and Politics.


 Proofreading/Editing of specialized texts

► Support with regard to German and English or French
     Master or Bachelor theses with regard to grammar, vocabulary and
     linguistic style

      ► Support with regard to diploma theses in the following fields:  

           Business Administration, Economics, International/European Politics,
           Administrative Sciences and European Law

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